Thursday, August 20, 2009


I traveled to Senegal on assignment for AED (Academy of Educational Development) to photograph the new secular schools they have constructed in the region of Fatick. It was a quick trip with five schools to photograph in only four days, some only assessable via bumpy makeshift roads.

Fatick is a desert region with limited resources and insufficient infrastructure, such as schools, wells, electricity, etc… AED is trying to fill those needed gaps.

The images below are of an AED student, Fatima, who attends one of their new schools 3kms from her house. She is one of their best and brightest! The only other school in this area is 8km from Fatima’s family and she would have to pay money to board in the town. Her mother recently passed away and her father is a poor farmer, so boarding was not an option, Fatima would have to stop her studies. Luckily, AED’s new school is a perfect distance from her house and she is still able to continue her education. I wish her luck!

The images depict Fatima in school and back at her village home with her aunts and cousins doing daily chores and homework. Enjoy!!!

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Zay said...

i was just there this last week. It's crazy i found this post. Wonder if we were at the same school. Thanks for sharing.