Friday, November 02, 2007

BeadForLife Article

Hey Everyone,

My photos and article about BeadForLife were published in the Christian Science Monitor.

Here's a link. Check it out!!!

BFL has great necklaces...check out their site too!

Huzna's Story: An incomplete project about a Muslim woman's life.

Huzna... A Muslim woman of 36, wrapped in a black hajab, divorced, re-married as a second wife, taking care of her brother’s orphaned children and her own while working in her husband’s shop and at the local museum. A sharp tongue, quick wit and fun loving personality. I was shocked by her candidness to answer my blunt questions openly and honestly. It was a mind opening two days of photographing and an amazing learning experience! 


A few images of Nairobi

Nairobi has become a second home to me and I want everyone to enjoy its beauty. Just a few photos of the skyline!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm going Back to Africa!!!!

Hey Everyone.

So I'm going back to the land of lions and cobras. I'll be in Eastern Africa again doing some work, but I'm also available for assignments.

Here are the dates:

Africa: October 12th-December 20th 2007
South America: January-June 2008

Check out the website:

Thanks and new photos and adventures coming soon!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

My Sister's Keeper. Akon Village, Sudan.

My Sister's Keeper is a faith-inspired, multi-racial, collective of women who work together to lend sisterly assistance to communities of women in various locations throughout the World. At present, we are focused on supporting the aspirations of women in the African country of Sudan. It is our hope that our way of working together will inspire other small groups of women to form sisterhoods that support the hopes of women who dare dream in the face of dire socioeconomic conditions. Such is the essence of My Sister's Keeper. My Sister Keepers Website.

This photo project focuses on the Akon School for girls established by MSK and their daily lives in the evening.


The following images are from the My Sister's Keeper school in Akon Village, Sudan. The student's are full of energy and eager to learn. It was a privilege working with this project to accomplish these images.
After school the students return back to their village where they continue to work around the house with other women family members.

The RAISE Initiative. Columbia University and Marie Stopes International

"Access to reproductive health care is a basic human right. Yet integrated and fully comprehensive reproductive health services are not the norm in most emergency settings. People are displaced from their homes for many reasons, and an overwhelming number of preventable deaths and illnesses related to reproductive health affect populations in crisis. The people within these affected communities require reproductive health care. Our sense of global responsibility demands that we address their urgent need." Raise Initiative Website are up!!!!
The RAISE Initiative, in conjunction with International Rescue
Committee are training clinicians, nurses and doctors on AIDS prevention,
sanitation,proper medical use, etc...
Implementing the teachings at the clinician workshops will help improve
the lives of women, children, and adolescents in crisis situations. Here are the
results of such measures, including health education for adolescent
girls, prevention, improved clinical facilities, etc..
Implementing the teachings at the clinician workshops will help improve the lives of children, adolescents and mothers in crises situations. Here are the results of such measures, including, health education for adolescent girls, prevention, improved clinical facilities, etc...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rotary International Ssese Island Outreach Program

Ssese Island Rotary in conjunction with Bainbridge Island Rotary of Washington teamed together to create a one day outreach program for fishing communities on the Ssese Island. The Rotarians supplied both dentist and doctors for the villagers that lined up outside starting at 10am. It was a complete success.

Ssese Islands is home to fishing communities that have very limited, if any, health care. They do not have enough money to reach mainland, so this outreach program, which happens every three months, is one of the only options for help.

The Rotarians are amazing...!!! It was a fabulous day for photos.