Monday, February 27, 2012

Malawi, Kenya and Namibia with Abt Associates

I flew to Africa for nine days and photographed for Abt Associates SHOPS and 20/20 projects where they are working on policy to help private and public sector medical institutions. This project was incredibly eye opening to the issues facing these health sectors but Abt is doing great work to improve and change healthcare! Great job Abt!!!

One of those moments

So, my friend took me on a motorbike tour around Chiang Mia and as we were riding up the hill we both saw this elephant in this crazy smoky fog. Immediately we pulled over and grabbed our was just one of those moments.

Sneak Peak: Conservation International, Indonesia

I had such an amazing time working with Conservation International in Java, I am beyond excited about the are a few:)

A few behind the scene photos with 'my indonesia boys'. Thanks so much guys for being my guides, hoisting me up a scary mountain during a severe rainfall and for making this trip truly amazing. Thanks CI!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Moo Cow is a Winner!!! PDN World in Focus

I'm happy to announce that my favorite little cow is a winner for spontaneous moments for PDN World in Focus, Feb. 2012 Edition. Someone buy me a copy...I'm in Thailand:)

Clam Diggers, Koh Lanta, Thailand

I'm staying on the island, Koh Lanta in southern Thailand and every morning before the sun comes up locals walk the beach searching for clams. I thought I would capture the experience on camera!

The Chiang Mai Farm Cooking School

Okay, I'm having a blast over here in Thailand and doing an awful job of keeping up with the blog, but I have so many new photos to share and I can't wait to get them up online.

These are some fun ones from the The Chiang Mai Farm Cooking School, if you know me at all, then you would understand my love for curry, cooking, farms and food! This was a such a blast and the food was delicious!!! Enjoy!!!