Monday, April 02, 2007

Jambo-Jipya School. Mombasa, Kenya

Last week was spent at Jambo-Jipya School. This school is for under privileged children whose families have been touched by AIDS. Most of these students have compromised living situations and would not be in school if not for Jambo-Jipya.

It was a privilege to work with them on this series of photographs.

Keela and I went to the home of five children. They live in a tiny village tucked back from the main road. Five children and one adult live in this small shack with the kids sleeping on a foam board on the floor...they have nothing. Most children at Jambo-Jipya live in such poor conditions where they barely eat and have no economic income. Through it all, they continue to smile.
Keela takes a few students to the beach every Sunday. The children just come alive with so much energy and enthusiasm. They dance around and swing their hips in a carefree manner, huge white teeth and big grins...

I loved every moment.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is stunning. I was in love with the landscape and never ending sky...and of course the animals. I hope you enjoy the photos!!!!

Photos for Ambricare Safari Company