Monday, July 11, 2005

Tibetan Children's Village. Upper Mcleod Ganj, India

My friend’s family fosters over fifty Tibetan orphans that came across the Himalayas when they were infants to escape persecution from the Chinese government and enjoy better education. These children live and attend school at The Tibetan Children’s Village, which was created by the Dali Lama and shelters around two thousand orphans. My heart went out to each child. I was taken back by their gracious smiles and warm hearts, even though they endure more hardships than I will ever understand. Posted by Picasa
Tibetan Orphan washing face at outdoor shower.  Posted by Picasa
Tibetan Orphan next to tub. Posted by Picasa
Tibetan Orphan being soaped up. Posted by Picasa
Tibetan Orphans taking a bath.  Posted by Picasa
The Baby room is comprised of children under the age of three. Most have just arrived from the treacherous hike across the Himalayas and are starting to adjust to their new surrounding. It was hard to be a photographer, the kids just wanted to be held, and eventually I put down my camera and just hugged and played with the babies. They are precious. I believe this image does a good job of grasping these children’s desperate need for affection. Posted by Picasa
Orphan Tibetan Children Posted by Picasa
Orphan Tibetan children Posted by Picasa
Orphan Tibetan Child.  Posted by Picasa
Tibet Children. Northern India Posted by Picasa
Sapa is the mountainous region of NorthernVietnam, where over eighty hill tribes are situated. This place was amazing, rolling green mountains with rice patties fields. Sadly, the area is becoming a tourist trap and is losing its authenticity. These are a few images that I took while on a three day hike. Sorry the images are so small!!! Posted by Picasa
Sapa. Old Women with Black teeth from chewing beetle nut Posted by Picasa
Sapa. Young Child Posted by Picasa
Sapa. Child with grandmother Posted by Picasa
Sapa. Young girl carrying child Posted by Picasa