Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rotary International Ssese Island Outreach Program

Ssese Island Rotary in conjunction with Bainbridge Island Rotary of Washington teamed together to create a one day outreach program for fishing communities on the Ssese Island. The Rotarians supplied both dentist and doctors for the villagers that lined up outside starting at 10am. It was a complete success.

Ssese Islands is home to fishing communities that have very limited, if any, health care. They do not have enough money to reach mainland, so this outreach program, which happens every three months, is one of the only options for help.

The Rotarians are amazing...!!! It was a fabulous day for photos.


Amanda said...

Jess, your work couldn't be more stunning and I couldn't be more proud of you. Sending a big, big hug to you ~ Amanda

Amanda said...

I logged on to comment on your photos and realized I already had! They remain stunning...It is such a privilege to know your work (and you, of course!). Welcome home for a while... ~Amanda (Maine --- Seattle)