Saturday, October 08, 2005

Orange Sari. Pushkar, India.

These are a few images from Pushkar, India. Pushkar is a holy town that is surrounded by a lake where Hindus come to bath and pray. It is usually against rules to photograph the ghats, however, I was given permission by a priest and asked all my subjects for an 'OK' before snapping the photos. This website does not do the colors of these images justice...they are way better in person.


Julia Elvarado said...

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caitlinlu said...


Hi, I don't think we ever officially met, but i remember you because I used to work in the NU photo lab and took some photo classes. I just got the new Northeastern Magazine.Your photos are INCREDIBLE and congratulations on accomplishing such an incredible journey! I have never been to that part of the world but have begun to become very interested in Indian culture and your photos were such a pleasure to view. What format did you use to shoot them? Anyway, congratulations!